Women's Day and Adams as partners, hand in hand with happiness


                            In the early spring of March, the breeze is warm, and the 112th International Women's Day is approaching in a fragrant fragrance. In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the majority of employees, our company has launched the Goddess Festival theme activity of "Accompanying Adams and Walking Hand in Hand with Happiness", inviting all The staff gathered together to show the vitality of the group, and let the staff spend a different kind of "Goddess Festival" that is happy and joyful.

                            Adams has always attached great importance to the cultural life of employees. It has become one of the company's corporate cultures to send gifts and blessings to employees during festivals. In this Goddess Festival and employee team building activities, related fun games are planned: "Ball Relay Race", "Back-to-Back Dribbling", and "Invincible Hot Wheels". Each project fully demonstrates the teamwork of the participating team members. , The spirit of unity and cooperation.

                            The atmosphere of the whole fun activity was warm and full of wit. In a wave of laughter and laughter, there was a harmonious cooperation between men and women, and there was a competition in the group competition. Everyone actively participated, released the pressure at work, and enjoyed the joy brought by interesting sports, which added a festive atmosphere to Women's Day.

                            The event ended with laughter and laughter. Mr. Ye Zubang, general manager of Adams, presented prizes to the winning teams, and sent festive greetings and blessings to the company's female employees. He also fully affirmed that all employees are dedicated and dedicated in their respective jobs. the spirit of.

                            Although the game activities have come to an end temporarily, the tacit understanding and warmth of teamwork will always remain in my heart. Through the development of this activity, the spiritual and cultural life of employees has been further enriched, and the pressure brought by work and life has been relieved. At the same time, various departments have used this activity to promote relations, laid a good foundation for future coordination and cooperation, and enhanced Adams' team cohesion. and centripetal force. Everyone said that they would take this event as an opportunity to devote themselves to various work with a new look and high fighting spirit, and contribute to the new development of Adams' career, and help come on!