Donate blood and spread love: Adams organizes voluntary blood donation activities


                            Blood is known as the "river of life", and voluntary blood donation is a red bond that transmits the true feelings of human beings, and is a lofty social public welfare undertaking. On April 29, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, the company responded to the call and organized employees to actively carry out "voluntary blood donation and hematopoietic stem cell volunteer recruitment activity". Employees from various Adams departments signed up, donated 6,050 milliliters of blood, and one employee was added to the hematopoietic stem cell volunteer database.

                            Enthusiastic employees lined up early to donate blood. At the scene of blood donation activity, the staff carefully fill in the registration form under the guidance of medical staff and community workers, cooperate with the preparation work of blood collection and inspection, and complete the volunteer activities of love blood donation in an orderly manner. Employees participating in voluntary blood donation have said that blood donation is not only conducive to their physical and mental health, but also to support social public welfare undertakings, to save lives to make a small contribution, dedication of a little love, feel very proud.

                            Adams has always taken voluntary blood donation as an important carrier for enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, and guided employees of various departments to take practical actions to support this public welfare activity. Among the employees who participated in blood donation, there were not only many "activists" who had adhered to blood donation without compensation for a long time, but also "newcomers" who participated in blood donation without compensation for the first time. When the bright red blood slowly flows into the blood bags along with the blood transfusion tube, the bags of blood are recorded on the red blood donation certificate of Adams staff's mission of serving the people, which interprets the great love spirit with practical actions, condenses the love with thick blood, ignites the hope of life, and contributes to life!