The ideal green home can not be separated from it!


                            With the changes of the times, consumers have higher requirements for home environment and furniture quality. In the past, home decoration looked at the degree of luxury, but now the decoration is concerned with the degree of environmental protection. Adams has been committed to developing newer and more environmentally friendly basic hardware products to meet the needs of users at all levels.

                            Quality creates a brand, and details are in the true chapter. Adams Change King hinge uses cyanide-free environmental protection electroplating technology used in aviation, military and other fields, which greatly improves the hardness and brightness. The surface coating of the hinge has strong compactness, high rust resistance and corrosion resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and effectively blocks acid. Alkali corrosion attack provides long-term protection for cabinet doors.

                            High-quality hinges can extend the life of cabinet doors, reduce waste emissions, and save resources to a certain extent. Low-carbon environmental protection is more in line with the concept of energy saving and emission reduction.

                            As basic hardware, the quality of hardware affects the function, safety and life of furniture, and becomes an important factor in measuring the quality of furniture. The hinge is the connection between the door panel and the cabinet, and is the most frequently used soul component in cabinet accessories.

                            Adams Change King hinge comes with a 9.5mm large oil cylinder, which provides a more stable buffer and provides noise reduction and quiet damping. The opening and closing design is more user-friendly, the door can be stopped at 85°, and the pneumatic secondary buffer is 15° when the door is opened.

                            Change King hinges apply the ingenuity of excellence to every part of the product. The product has undergone more than 50,000 opening and closing tests, and it is not easy to break or loosen after repeated expansion and contraction. The hinge surface has passed the neutral salt spray test for 168 hours and the acid test for 24 hours. It is stable and durable to protect your home.

                            Adams Change King hinge pursues humanization. The appearance of the hinge adopts a light, luxurious and simple design. It can be matched with a decorative cover or through color changes to match the color matching of furniture products to meet consumers' pursuit of exquisite and environmentally friendly home life.

                            Adams has always been adhering to the spirit of professionalism and dedication, from material selection to finished products, to strive for perfection in every detail, to bring consumers high-quality products that are both internal and external, and to escort furniture.